Last year I decided it was time to put a camera system of some sort into my house. I started researching what was available and was surprised at all of the options. I was looking for small, high quality picture, easy setup, and something that was cost effective. The reason I wanted something inside was to have the ability to check on my kids when they arrive home from school, and have the piece of mind to be able to view my home interior at any time. My wife loved to be able to watch the house, and interact with the animals, while we were on vacation.

I found a simple to use option, with amazing flexibility, and a great price. WyzeCam fit my budget and all of my needs. This little package has some amazing features, and I am recommending this product if you are looking for a camera.



    •  1080p Full HD picture
    •  110 degree wide angle lens
    •  Live Stream with 8X digital zoom
    •  Alexa compatible
    • Night vision, even in complete darkness up to 30 feet away
    • Unique flexible design, The innovative 3-axis design allows your WyzeCam to point in any direction.
    • Motion detection and notifications… receive notifications on your smartphone
    • 2 way audio, built in speaker and microphone to listen and talk
    • Smart sound recognition, is able to recognize smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector alarms, and immediately alert you on your smart phone.

The WyzeCam has a plastic housing, and base.  The base is magnetic,  it also ships with a 6 foot power cord and an adhesive backed metal plate that you can stick anywhere and hang without hardware or tools.   The size of this camera and it’s ability to be moved anywhere close to a power outlet are a major positive.  We move ours, depending on where we want to observe.  

The viewing angle is 110 degrees and very wide to capture our entire living room, and we also have one in our babies bedroom.  The camera works well in complete darkness but it does have about a 30 foot distance for night vision.  If you have items too close to the front of the camera, at night or in darkness they will illuminate very bright and almost white out the view.   The speakers work sell to hear what is going on in the room, but talking through the camera is not perfect, but pretty good.    Setup is a breeze through the app, and easy to view.  For the price, you can’t beat all of the features and benefits for $25 bucks.

WyzeCam also has a new pan cam that allows you so rotate the camera and see the entire room.  This pan cam is not something I have any experience with.  The pan cam retails for $37.98 which includes shipping.

See the Entire Room. Fast.

Wyze Cam Pan gives you 360° coverage in under 3 seconds. Life moves fast. Your camera should too.

  • 110°/sec Rotation Speed
  • 360° Horizontal Range
  • 93° Vertical Range