U.S. Marine Corps MCDP 1 Warfighting

Very simply, this publication describes the philosophy which
distinguishes the U.S. Marine Corps. The thoughts contained
here are not merely guidance for action in combat but a way of
thinking. This publication provides the authoritative basis for
how we fight and how we prepare to fight. This book contains
no specific techniques or procedures for conduct. Rather, it
provides broad guidance in the form of concepts and values. It
requires judgment in application.  Warfighting
is not meant as a reference manual; it is designed
to be read from cover to cover. Its four chapters have a natural
progression. Chapter 1 describes our understanding of the
characteristics, problems, and demands of war. Chapter 2
derives a theory about war from that understanding. This
theory in turn provides the foundation for how we prepare for
war and how we wage war, chapters 3 and 4, respectively.
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