The Crovel … The Ultimate Bad Ass Multi Tool

The Crovel …. For those of you that do not know this name, get to know it.  I love multi tools, and this one is one of my favorites.  There are 2 versions.  They have the Crovel Tactical, and the Crovel Extreme.
This can be found at GearUp outdoor and survival store.


The Crovel at first glance looks like a regular multi tool shovel.  I am very familiar with the folding military style e-tool, or entrenching tool.  The Crovel is far from it.  This bad boy has a sawtooth blade on one side of the head, a bottle opener on the head, and a very sharp blade.  The head can be folded at a 90 for trench type digging or folded completely for carrying in a pack.  The Handle is wrapped with 15 ft.   of 550 paracord.  The Crovel is weighted for throwing and is a very good defensive weapon.  The Crovel Tactical comes with the Super Spike on the end as well.  There are many add-ons you can get with this as well.   The Crovel Tactical is selling for $109.00crovel3The Crovel Extreme weighs in at 5 lbs, and is the big brother to the Crovel Tactical. $135


  • THE HEAD: The new Hardened 4140 Chromoly Alloy shovel head gives the Crovel Extreme II a hybrid tactical edge. Precision sharpened edges, Saw tooth edge and Bottle Opener.
  • THE EDGE: The strength and sharpness of the shovel edge gives you the ultimate cutting, chopping, sawing surface that will keep its edge even if you lose yours
  • THE HANDLE: The Crovel Extreme II boasts a 14 inch hollow steel handle that allows storage of key survival items such as: a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tablets, snare wire, flashlight, knife (fillers/accessories not included), while maintaining its heavy duty handle integrity. The handle is plugged at the end out with an knurled black powdercoated plug
  • THE HAMMERHEAD: The Crovel Extreme II’s hammerhead gives a wider surface to the head allowing for easier use.
  • THE CLAW: The Crovel Extreme II’s crowbar claw has been upgraded include a woodworking chisel as well as a pry.   
  • Pending-PATENT PENDING: Its unique patent pending design combines the functions of over 13 tools into one indispensable tool that can handle a multitude of tasks.
  • EXTRAS: 550 paracord is wrapped on the hand to add grip strength and to give you 15 ft. of life saving material that can be use in thousands of different ways.   A grade “A” washer and a custom steel collar with an oversized thread pattern assuring a strong no slip locking positioncrovel5Crovel-Extreme



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