Wood Gas Generator Manual

We have posted here a while back about wood gas powered generators and motors.  As impractical as it sounds, theses methods of alternative fuels are relevent to a prepper checklist.  If there is no gasoline, how would you power a motor or generator?   Although we have posted something on this in the past, this is a manual on the subject and an interesting read.

Wood gas, or wood gasification, is a decades-old renewable energy technology that converts chunks of firewood, wood chips or other cellulosic biomass to charcoal, volatile and combustible gases, and occasionally, combustible liquids.


The process, which is called pyrolysis, is accomplished by cooking the wood (under low oxygen conditions) in a wood-gas generator and collecting the vapors, which are then directed to the generator, or vehicle.

To view the manual online, or to download, please click the link below.