Safety Siphon

The safety siphon is a great tool that I hope will find a place into your bug out bag.  This is a tool that often gets overlooked, but could be as useful as a first aid kit.   This siphon is fast, self priming, and will allow you to pull gas, water, or almost any liquid without getting it in your mouth. Click Below to see on Amazon.

Safety Siphon 14.99


This siphon is small enough to be stored in your bug out bag.  The business end of this siphon is the brass fitting which is self priming.  This means that you stick the brass fitting into the source of liquid such as a gas can, gas tank, or water source, and you shake it up and down.  This motion creates a vacuum that starts the flow.  No need to ever put your mouth up to the hose.


This siphon is available from Amazon for 14.99, is a great investment, and maybe a tool you haven’t thought of.
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