Portable Camping Toilet

This is more of a camping or convenience item that I found that is rather cool.  Having a portable toilet for camping, something you can sit on that is not disgusting, full of urine or not flushed, which is usually the case in public restrooms.  Having the ability to take your own portable toilet is a convenience that will pay for itself the first time out.  Click the link below to see the product.

 Portable Camping Toilet $109.99

There are lots of things you can go without on camping trips, but a toilet is one of the least pleasant. Fortunately, now you can bring a restroom with you wherever you go with the Visa 268 deluxe portable toilet. Ideal for camping, hiking, marine applications, RVs, sick rooms, or as an emergency backup, the Visa 268 is efficient and easy to use, with a piston-type flush system, a two-direction rinse, and a level indicator on both the fresh water and waste holding tanks. The detachable spout and smooth, high-gloss surface, meanwhile, are built for quick, efficient scrubbing and disinfecting. Most importantly, the toilet includes a leak- and odor-proof seal, so you needn’t locate the Visa 268 in the next county to escape the, um, unpleasant byproducts. Other features include quick-release separation latches, a multiple flush water reservoir, and an air vent for smooth and easy discharge. The Visa 268–which comes with one 4-ounce sample size of Liquid Gold concentrated toilet deodorizer–measures 16 by 16.125 by 16.5 inches (W x H x D) and offers a capacity of 6.3 gallons.


If your not into this model, click the link below to see more.

Portable Toilets