Improvised Emergency Candles

The ability to improvise, adapt and to overcome any situation or event is one of the cornerstones of prepping. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and there will be times you need to use common items that you improvise into useful tools. Improvised emergency candles are extremely easy to make in a pinch. If you ever find yourself in need of candles, this a simple how to guide to making some quick, improvised candles.

There are a few supplies you need scrounge up. You need a fuel source, a container to hold your fuel, a wick, a wick holder, and a flame. As You can see here, I have assembled a handful of everyday common household items.  The items I collected are an old candle holder from my wife, extra virgin olive oil, a notebook, a wooden skewer, a lighter, and not pictured is an old white t-shirt.

When improvising, you need to utilize what you have around you, and do not be stuck on what I have, as your components may change, however the end result will be the same. Think outside the box.

The first thing you need to do is to make the wick holder.  For this, I used the notebook wire . I started at the bottom and began to unwind it from the paper and cut it.

IMG_0508The next thing I did was take the wooden skewer, because it was round, however a pencil or pen would work just fine as well.  Wind the wire around the skewer or pencil as shown below.

Cut the wire after a couple of wraps, but the length will depend on the depth of your container.  In my case, the depth was very shallow because the container is a small candle holder.  Once you cut the wire, slide it off the skewer and flare out the bottom so it will stand on its own. See below.

IMG_0512The next thing we are going to take care of is the wick.  The wick can be something like an old cotton     t-shirt.  I cut a couple of strips out of an old shirt and wound it around the wire holder you just made.



Now take the extra virgin olive oil and fill your container.  Take your wick and dip the top of the wick into the oil, and then place the wick into the center of the oil in the container.  By dipping the top first, it completely covers the wick right away as opposed to waiting it soak to the top.

IMG_0516Now your improvised candle is ready, light it and see how long it will last.

IMG_0518his project literally took me about 5 minutes to complete.  It took much longer to post this than to make.  I would love feed back on your experiments and what oils work best for you.  Please use the comments section below, do not forget to like us on Facebook, check out our supplies tab above, or pin this project on Pinterest.