Emergency War Surgery

War is an environment that breeds violence, and death.   The main objective is to kill the enemy to gain ground, or key objectives.   In a situation where society breaks down, as a a result of a natural disaster, civil war, economic collapse, power grid failure, there may be no immediate access to a hospital or emergency room.  In a situation like this, we go back to the main objectives in battle, to kill the enemy to gain ground or key objectives.  Key objectives could be your home, or bug out location.  Your preps, your water, your shelter or bunker.  This environment will result in injuries or wounds that may require immediate first aid, or emergency surgery to close wounds, stop bleeding, or to repair.  This is where our Emergency War Surgery manual comes in.  This is a very good manual, especially if used to educate yourself in conjunction with our other manuals.   To download or to read online, please click the link below.


Having the knowledge to provide first aid is one thing, but having to tools available is another.   Regardless of how well your first aid kit is stocked, some uncommon items you should consider adding are: Tampons – used to control bleeding and packing gunshot wounds.  Maxi Pads – same concept as the tampons, however can be used to cover, a larger wound and help stop the bleeding.  Disposable Diapers – Same concept as the maxi pads, however larger to cover more area.  Panty hose – can be used to hold dressings in place or as a tourniquet.

SURGICAL KITS and SUTURE KITS are available as well.


Emergency Shelter Tent

When assembling an emergency pack, a bug out bag, or a short-term survival pack, there are many common items we all stock.  One item that is essential to survival in an emergency situation is shelter.  A simple emergency shelter that will keep you out of direct exposure to the elements will help keep your core body temperature regulated.  Exposure to wet rains in a cold environment can kill you,  as we  have seen in our area this past winter by some hikers that were lost.  Exposure to direct sunlight and raised temperatures can drain your body of fluids and dehydrate you which can kill you.  Having a portable, compact, emergency shelter that you can carry in your pack, and deploy easily is  not only a piece of mind, but I think is an essential piece of gear.

You can click the link to purchase the product from Amazon below

Emergency Shelter Tent $8.99 + SHIPPING

EtentAs you can see, this comes in a compact package, perfect for stowing in your go bag, bug out bags, or survival kits.  The outside is reflective which serves to purposes.  The outside is reflective and will make you highly visible if you are lost or stranded and need help, and it also helps redirect the sunlight.  This tent, or shelter is 8 feet long, and economical.


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General Emergency Shelters

One of the first things to do when in an emergency survival situation is to find shelter.  Shelter will protect you from the elements if constructed correctly.  We recently had some hikers in our area that died as a result of exposure.  They went out hiking in the mid morning, it was warm enough to not carry a large jacket or extra clothing.  They were not going to be gone long and did not carry extra supplies.  The weather changed on them and the temp dropped.  It began to rain, and they became lost.  They had drenched clothing which was sucking the body heat from them.  They were found the next morning.  I post this manual, as short as it is, to provide a guide to you.  If you ever get lost, or you are teaching your kids about survival.  These simple shelters could save a life.  Please download for future reference, and go out and practice these if you have a chance.  To view or download, click the link below.