Large Tactical Transport Pack

I had the opportunity to purchase this pack just  about 4 years ago.  I have a digital camouflage version.  I have used this pack for hiking, hunting, camping, extensive traveling, and much more.  I am going to go over a few things I really like about this pack and maybe a few things I don’t.

This pack is available in the DDP Shop for $65.00.  Click the tab at the top. Shipping costs included in all pricing.

You can find this pack online from Amazon, or anyone that sells military or tactical gear.  This is a cost effective pack, in the fact that you can spend far more for a similar pack.  Beware of pricing.  I have seen this pack selling for around $55.00 however shipping was outrageous.

Starting at the top of this pack is a carry handle.  I use this actually a lot.  Especially when going through the airport.  The carry handle does not have the rubber handle, but it is more than sufficient to use under a full load.  The pack is made from heavyweight 600 Denier Polyester.The shoulder straps that are on this pack are padded nicely and curved to fall under your arms and back to the pack properly.  The straps have 2 small D rings on them which I like because I can use that to carry my compass or clip anything small to the straps for easy access.  The only issue with the D rings is that there are 2 sets.  The top set is really tough to use because they sit so high on the strap.  The straps also have a sternum strap that is adjustable.  The strap is not something I typically use, but it is designed to help distribute the weight.  The buckles at the bottom of the straps work well and are easy to adjust after placing the pack on your back.  The part of the pack that seats against your body is padded and has a mesh material to disperse heat and moisture.  This pack is also hydration compatible, so the hydration bladder pocket is just above  the mesh part of the pack and just below the carry handle.  the bottom of the pack has a waist strap which I have never used.  I have thought about getting rid of this strap, however it does tighten up nice and sits below the pack to be out-of-the-way.

7289-side_angle_view-hrThe side of the pack has some compression straps that have worked well for me.  I can unlatch them and then stuff this pack full, or I can carry a light load and pull these latches tight to compress the pack.
7282-G-DThere are 5 storage compartments on the this pack.  The first being the hydration compartment, the main storage compartment, a very usable mesh pocket on the inside of the main compartment that has  zipper closure.  The main compartment is spacious and lined in a water repellant material to keep everything dry.

7289_bigThe fourth storage compartment is large, and a great place to put gear that you need to access all of the time without having to unpack your main storage.  However the size of this compartment will decrease depending on the load you have in the main compartment.  This has never stopped me from packing what I needed, and I have never had to leave anything behind I wanted to take.  The last compartment is a zipper compartment on the front of the pack.  It has a zipper closure, and will hold a fair amount.  There is a strap the runs the front of the pack and latches, acting as another compression strap.  The tip of the strap contains a small D ring.  The bottom of this pack has some loop straps that I have never used.  They are small and I can’t imagine even a bedroll being able to fit into these for carry.

7234-DOverall I love this pack.  I have had this pack and use it extensively for  4 years.  All of the stitching is intact and all of the buckles are still in good shape, even though the are molded plastic, none have broken, and all work.  Although I would not rely on this in a full combat deployment, this pack has served me well and I have had no issues.  I constantly get asked where I got it.  This is one of the packs I have and I am very happy with it.

Army FM 3-39.40 Internment And Resettlement Operations

This is an interested manual.  It makes you wonder as you read this if these directives would ever be used here.  If some catastrophic were to happen and the collapse of society were to happen, this is the information they will be using to start the resettlement operations.  Interesting read, and pretty recent.  To view or download the manual, click the link below.


FoxFire Book Volume 2

This second volume celebrates the rites and customs of Appalachia, featuring sections on ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, corn shuckin’s, spinning and weaving, midwives, granny women, old-time burial customs,  and wagon making.  405 Pages!

Table of Contents:
Maude Shope
Sourwood Honey
Spring Wild Plant Foods
Happy Dowdle
Making an Ox Yoke
Wagon Wheels and Wagons
Making a Tub Wheel
Making a Foot-powered Lathe
From Raising Sheep to Weaving Cloth
How to Wash Clothes in an Iron Pot
Anna Howard
Midwives and Granny Women
Old-time Burials
Boogers, Witches, and Haints
Corn Shuckin’s, House Raisin’s, Quiltin’s, Pea Thrashin’s, Singin’s, Log Rollin’s, Candy Pullin’s, and…
Kenny Runion

To view or download the FoxFire volume 2. please click the link below.

foxfire 2