BlackHawk Pistol Lanyard

The pistol lanyard is a piece of gear that most never think of. While serving in the Armed Forces, we had pistol retention lanyards standard. The main function is to help retain your pistol in all situations. The lanyard is a “dummy cord” of sorts, as I have mentioned in the past. During combat operations, the conditions are fast, and completely unpredictable. If your gear is not properly stowed, if you lose it, you will never know. That is the purpose of the retention lanyard. For civilian use however, this lanyard is great for retaining your pistol while 4 wheeling, hiking, or bugging out. This BlackHawk lanyard is ideal for retention. This is a quality lanyard, and allows for full extension while drawing and firing. Before purchasing, make sure your firearm has a lanyard attachment.  Click link below to view or purchase.

BLACKHAWK! Coil Style Tactical Pistol Lanyard $16.00



• Made of coiled wire with a black rubber exterior laminate
• Attaches to your belt with our BTS loop
• Attaches to your weapon with gutted 550 cord
• Allows full extension shooting
BH pistol lanyard single swivel
BLACKHAWK!’s Tactical Pistol lanyard features a Streamlined Modified BTS modular belt loop attachment system. The micro coiled lanyard is covered with heavy duty rubber and will recoil time and tie again. Unique design allows you to remove your weapon and place it in a safe area you can do so quickly and easily. Tactical lanyards are available in Coiled and Coiled – Single Swivel versions.
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Blackhawk Fury Commando HD Glove with Kevlar

I believe that gloves are a must for any prep or load out bag.  There are so many situations that gloves are needed it is essential you have gloves that will perform, be durable, and protect.  I have gone through so many pairs of gloves it is crazy.  I have found a company that makes some of the best gloves on the planet in my opinion.  Blackhawk has  an extensive line of tactical gloves that come in all types.  I have shopped these gloves and have found them the cheapest on Amazon.  If you’re in the market for gloves, I highly suggest these, or any other type from Blackhawk that fits your needs.

Blackhawk Men’s Fury Commando HD Glove with Kevlar

blackhawk fury

Retail for $89.00
Amazon has them for $60.00 with shipping
Click Here to See the Blackhawk Men’s Fury Commando HD Glove with Kevlar (Olive Drab, Large)

• Heavy-duty design ideal for tactical operations
• Dual-layer palm with premium cowhide leather for water repellency and 25% more abrasion resistance
• Leather-reinforced fingertips ensure maximum durability
• Leather-covered, molded hard-shell knuckle and finger protection
• Nylon loop on wrist allows easy donning and attachment to carabiners

 Click Here to see the full line of Blackhawk Gloves on Amazon!