Solar Thermos and Kettle – Boil Water With Only Sunlight

This is an amazing product. This solar thermos will heat or boil water using only sunlight. Using the sun, similar to the solar oven, the thermos will heat and boil water with no fire or other heaters, just the sun.


  • Hot water from sunlight! Boil water for drinking, washing, cooking, sterilizing, rehydrating foods
  • Portable, sturdy, light weight, robust – gets hot then closes up to stay hot for hours!
  • Take camping, hiking, boating, fishing, picnics – anywhere hot water is useful!
  • An essential part of any Emergency Management kit – heat treat water to kill bacteria, rehydrate foods
  • Makes the perfect gift for those hard to buy for!

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The SunRocket Solar Kettle – Portable Solar Water Heater and Flask The SunRocket is an amazing way to heat and boil water using simply sunlight. Depending on the conditions, the SunRocket can heat water in as little as 30 minutes and will work anywhere the sun shines! Even in the snow! The SunRocket suits a range of uses: – Eco living, home energy saving – Picnics, BBQs, outdoor events – Travel – camping, camper van, hiking – Melt snow – turn snow / ice into drinking water or hot water – Sporting – Fishing, boating, sailing, tennis, golf etc. – Emergency preparedness and disaster response – Military / aid agencies – Farm and field work – Popular gift idea Using the latest in solar thermal technology, the SunRocket uses an evacuated tube, boosted by reflective panels to absorb solar heat. When opened it can heat water in as little as 30 minutes (weather dependent), then when closed can keep hot for hours. The SunRocket is scratch and weather resistant, compact and lightweight. Made from quality materials under ethical manufacturing processes.


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