Pocket Fishing Pole for Go-Bag

The pocket fishing pole is a perfect fit for any go-bag.  These are small, lightweight, and affordable.  Most come with a reel and some do not.  There are a wide variety of these available, but quality will also vary.  These are perfect for emergency fishing, or to catch food.  There are also some lures, sinkers, and kits available that are small as well. 

ActionEliters Portable Mini Pocket Pen Fishing Rod Pole Reel With Two Baits Two Fishhooks Two Fishing-buoys and 20 Meters Fish Wire+ Survival Magnesium Firestarter Compass Whistle Orange

Price Range: $16.99-25.99
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Piscator Zone Mini Pocket Pen Fishing Rod Set. Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole, Pocket Travel, Fishing Kit.  Rod+ 2000 Aluminum Spinning Fishing Reel + Fishing Line.

Price range: $13.99 – 19.99
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YONGZHI Fishing Rod Mini Pocket Telescopic Carbon Fiber Fishing Pole Ultralight Pen Size Travel Spinning Rods for Kids Child Youth in Freshwater(4.26ft-7.87ft)

Price range: $ 17.99-29.99

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Sougayilang Mini Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Portable Pocket Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Fishing Reel for Kids & Adults Travel Saltwater Freshwater Fishing.

Price range: $36.99-59.99
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