P51 Can Opener …. AKA “John Wayne”

The P-51 can opener is a cheap, but extremely effective tool.  The P-51 and P-38 can openers are also known in the military circles as the John Wayne.   This awesome piece of equipment is lightweight, and works.  The p-51 is larger than the P-38 and makes it easier to open cans.  Allows you to open cans of any size.

The P51The opener is cheap in cost, and is commonly seen on key rings.   I have a survival keyring that I assembled with some essential items with this included.  I also have a fire starter.


A P-51 will work on any size can rim. When the power is out or your electric can opener bites the dust, a P-51 Can Opener will save the day. Originally manufactured for soldiers in the field to open their canned rations, the US P-38 is durable, high quality and has developed a history of its own through numerous wars and military operations.

Don’t get caught in a thunderstorm, hurricane or ice storm without a working can opener. The US P-38 and P-51 Can Openers are perfect for camping, hiking, fishing or for the survivalist in your family. Be sure to carry a P-38, or P-51 on your key ring, dog tag chain, tackle box or in your emergency survival kit.

These openers can be found in local or online military surplus stores.  I found these offers from Amazon:


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