Outdoor Day Night IR Camera Surveillance System

If you have ever thought about installing or owning a surveillance system what is stopping you now.  I have been to a few residences lately and noticed they had CCTV cameras inside the house, and at entry points.  Some of these people I know as preppers and they want to sleep with on eye open.  With todays technology, it is easy, affordable, and a smart move.

The cool thing about these camera systems, you can view these cameras  from any PC.  You can view them from work, or vacation.  The massive 500gig hard drive enable you to record up to 8 cameras for a week straight.  This system runs about  $260.00 on Amazon, which is actually a fantastic price for what you get, but there are many others to choose from.  To see all surveillance systems from AMAZON, CLICK HERE …………… To view the system I am highlighting, click the picture.

  • View Video Online with No Service Fees – View your DVR’s live or recorded video footage on any PC.
  • Long time recording: – Base on the H.264 Compression, maximize the hard drive’s recording time.
  • Network Remote Access – Access live video footage directly from your mobile phone or PC anytime anywhere
  • Advanced Motion Detection Recording – This allows you record only when motion is detected.
  • 8 Professional Grade Weather Resistant Cameras – See in the Dark with Automatic Night Vision

This video surveillance system provides everything you will need to protect your home or business, safeguard your loved ones, and deter intruders. The system includes a state-of-the-art 8 channel H.264 DVR with 500GB hard drive and 8 indoor outdoor day/night cameras, and allows for the simultaneous viewing and recording of 8 video streams locally, with remote streaming capability over the Internet or to a supported Smartphone. This is an affordable security solution for your home or small business.

Surveillance in the Palm of Your Hand
This system allows you to view your footage, no matter the time or location. Access your DVR’s footage over the internet, or directly from your AndroidTM 2.1 – 2.3, iPhone®, iPad®, SymbianTM V3 & V5, Windows Mobile® 5.1 & 6.1, or BlackBerry® 7.

8 Professional Grade Weatherproof Cameras
The cameras included in the kit come equipped with 1/4″ Color CMOS image sensor which provides you with clear pictures at 480TV lines of resolution. Each camera is built with professional grade aluminum housing and a sunshade to help prevent glare, deterioration and rusting.

500GB HDD Records Footage in Real Time
The 500GB hard drive is optimized for 24/7 surveillance utilizing cutting edge H.264 compression to record 1 week of video simultaneously from all 8 cameras. With real time recording, you are able to play back your recorded footage flawlessly.

See More with Wide Viewing Angle
See more area with the wide 70 degree viewing angle on the 3.6mm lens Cameras. Protect larger areas such as driveways, entrances, warehouses, large retail stores, parking lots, front and backyards.

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