Military Mountaineering FM 3-97.61 (TC 90-6-1)

When I talk to others about where they would go if something were to happen, I hear many people say they would head to the mountains.  The situation for leaving your home could be a variety of things, but natural disasters, civil unrest,  could all be reasons to flee.  The mountains can provide everything you would need to survive, however operating and maintaining your family in the mountains is tough.  I really think that for people who have the plan to go to the mountains, you need to educate yourselves, and realize that living and operating in the mountains is no picnic.  That is where the Military Mountaineering FM 3-97.61 comes in.  This is just one of the resources I would use to start educating yourself.  This manual is 327 pages.  To view or download, click the link below.  If you like our site, please like our Facebook page to help spread the word!



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