Mathmatical Conversions and Tables

There are so many different reasons we prepare for out of the ordinary life challenges, emergencies, or world altering events.  There are the buzz acronyms SHTF and TEOTWAWKI, and many more.  Some believe there will be devastating events that bring our civilization to an end as we know it, and turn it into something like you see on TV on The Walking Dead, or Mad Max.  As a prepper we need to be prepared and have contingency plans in place for multiple scenarios.  So what if a breakdown in society occurs, will you have the tools to educate yourself or your children?  That is where this post comes in.  I believe if something happens, we still need a way to educate our kids, and ourselves.  Here is a math conversion and tables download.  There is a ton of good information here.  Do not wait for something to happen to use it, view it online, or download it now by clicking the link below. 155 Pages

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