Making Fire With No Matches or Lighter

This is something that you should consider putting into your bag.  This will give you the ability to make fire safely, easily, and efficiently.  The first thing you need is steel wool.

steel woolYou should never use the SOS pads or any steel wool pads that have the soap already on it.  This is just plain steel wool.  To prepare the steel wool, you need to tear it into smaller pieces and pull it apart so it is not tight, but can breathe.  Place your dry tinder over the steel wool, but leave enough out of the tinder to ignite.  The second thing you will need is a 9 volt battery.

The 9 volt is perfect because the terminals are close together, and on the same end.  Take your battery and touch the terminals to the steel wool, and once it ignites, almost instantly, softly blow onto the steel wool to give it oxygen and make it burn hot and help ignite the tinder.  You will have a fire in minutes.

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