Introducing the KS-System

I was contacted by a man who has developed a new and innovative product. The KS-System is a weather resistant, versatile sleep system that does not restrict your movement no matter what activity you are doing. This suit is versatile and can replace multiple pounds of gear that you would otherwise have to carry.

He is looking to get funding to finish the product and get it to market.  We will be doing a full review of the product once it is funded.  You can view the product by clicking here.

Some of the key features of the KS-System are:

• Unisex in design with strategically placed zippers to ease with:
– Bathroom use
– Layering
– Dressing gradually
• Under-arm zippers for climate control
• Textured elbow, knee and buttocks area
• Textured shoulders and back for protection and to help keep your pack in place
• Weather resistant
• Soft Interior with wicking capabilities
• Multiple storage pockets for your Every-Day-Carries (EDC’s)
• Detachable hoodie
• Attached ski mask with storage compartment
•Compact/Lightweight only (64oz) – in comparison to 10 lbs. of traditional gear

Above are just a few of the features and benefits of the KS-System; you can adapt & utilize the KS-System to fit your specific needs for even your most daring adventures.


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