General Emergency Shelters

One of the first things to do when in an emergency survival situation is to find shelter.  Shelter will protect you from the elements if constructed correctly.  We recently had some hikers in our area that died as a result of exposure.  They went out hiking in the mid morning, it was warm enough to not carry a large jacket or extra clothing.  They were not going to be gone long and did not carry extra supplies.  The weather changed on them and the temp dropped.  It began to rain, and they became lost.  They had drenched clothing which was sucking the body heat from them.  They were found the next morning.  I post this manual, as short as it is, to provide a guide to you.  If you ever get lost, or you are teaching your kids about survival.  These simple shelters could save a life.  Please download for future reference, and go out and practice these if you have a chance.  To view or download, click the link below.


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