Free Prepper Buckets (UPDATE)

I was just asked recently by my wife if I wanted to run to the store with her to get some groceries.  She told me she had several stops to make, and it could be a couple of hours,  I thought I was going to have to pick her off of the floor when I agreed to go.  I had my own reasons to go, however she didn’t need to know that.  We packed up our kids, and headed off to the grocery store.

As we walked in, we both grabbed a cart, and she looked at me and she knew I was up to something.    I tend to pick up preps when I can, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity.  I picked up some water, and I headed over to the bakery.  As I am standing there waiting for the employees to help me, I see her walk past me shaking her head.  When the bakery employee approached, she asked me what she could get for me.  I simply responded…”I would love to have your empty frosting buckets with lids please”

She emerged with 6 small buckets and (2) 5 gallon buckets.   I was thrilled, although they had not been cleaned yet.  Next step was to unload the car and get these things cleaned.  Once cleaned and dry, they are ready for use.

IMG_1110The use of buckets in prepping is not new, and most of the time when you see them, they are being used as food storage.  They will seal tight, and keep rodents and mice out.  The truth is however, there could be hundreds of uses for these buckets.  My wife has a fit each time I get more, because we have so many, but they are too useful to pass up.

The smaller containers are perfect for smaller food storage portions.  When using these buckets for food storage however, you must use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.  You can seal the bags using an iron.

IMG_1108A few features about these buckets that make them fantastic is the fact that they come in round or square.  They have handles, lids, and they are extremely durable.   They are perfect for a trunk kit for your car, they would work well to bury a cache of items, and they have a rubber gasket to seal them air tight.

IMG_1109The larger buckets are also extremely durable and will hold 5 gallons.   When obtaining these buckets, the best ones are the pure white, that I have seen.  There are some you may get that are clear and they tend to be too flimsy for what I like, but you can use those to wash the car.

IMG_1107The places that you can get these for free are grocery store bakeries, bakeries, the cookie shops at the mall, Sams, Walmart, Costco, or any place that has a bakery.

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