FM 3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination Avoidance

Contamination avoidance is the best defense against
enemy use of nuclear weapons. Avoidance reduces the risk
of being targeted by nuclear weapons and minimizes the
effects of nuclear contamination hazards. Knowing where
contamination exists or how long the hazard may persist is
essential to avoiding the hazard.
Enemy use of nuclear weapons makes battlefield
operations more difficult and time consuming. Combat,
combat support, and combat service support operations
may be more difficult to perform in a nuclear environment.
Tasks/missions may take more time because of the
problems created by nuclear contamination. Nuclear
attacks may cause casualties, materiel losses, and creation
of obstacles. Training will reduce the problems caused by
nuclear attacks on the unit. Units must locate clean areas as
well as locate contamination in a nuclear environment.
Contaminated units will have to perform decontamination
(decon) operations.

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