FM 3-05.302 Tactical Psychological Operations, Tactics, Techniques

Introduction to Tactical Psychological Operations
The mission of PSYOP is the same mission at all operational levels—to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences (TAs) to support U.S. national objectives.
Tactical PSYOP forces provide supported commanders a nonlethal fires capability to change the behavior of a local populace or adversary force in any environment. PSYOP support encompasses the planning, analysis, development, design, approval, production, distribution, dissemination, and evaluation of PSYOP series across the operational spectrum. At the tactical level, PSYOP forces are the supported commander’s most effective capability for communicating with foreign TAs. Whether providing information during foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA) operations or broadcasting surrender instructions while supporting combat operations, tactical PSYOP forces provide a powerful capability to the supported commander.

That is a good synopsis of this manual.  The first sentence says it well.  TO INFLUENCE THE BEHAVIOR OF FOREIGN TARGET AUDIENCES TO SUPPORT US NATIONAL OBJECTIVES.  If your interested in this kind of thing, click the link below to download or view the manual online.


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