Flip Up Bed Storage

I found this very picture of a bed online.  It really got me thinking about how much space is really wasted under my bed.  This is a perfect storage area.  Bug Out gear can be stored here as it would be easily accessible, however hidden just out of plain sight.  Many good ideas come to me when thinking how to utilize this bed.  I have found online plans to make this bed, I have found sources online that sell it, but can be very expensive depending on where you look.  I found a basic version of this bed from Ikea.  This is the cheapest and most affordable I have found. Click here to see the Ikea Flip bed…(Sultan Alsarp)

Here is another link to a similar bed …….. CLICK HERE

The image below is not the Ikea product but similar.  If anyone finds this at a reasonable price, please comment on this post….

bed storage

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