Emergency Shelter Tent

When assembling an emergency pack, a bug out bag, or a short-term survival pack, there are many common items we all stock.  One item that is essential to survival in an emergency situation is shelter.  A simple emergency shelter that will keep you out of direct exposure to the elements will help keep your core body temperature regulated.  Exposure to wet rains in a cold environment can kill you,  as we  have seen in our area this past winter by some hikers that were lost.  Exposure to direct sunlight and raised temperatures can drain your body of fluids and dehydrate you which can kill you.  Having a portable, compact, emergency shelter that you can carry in your pack, and deploy easily is  not only a piece of mind, but I think is an essential piece of gear.

You can click the link to purchase the product from Amazon below

Emergency Shelter Tent $8.99 + SHIPPING

EtentAs you can see, this comes in a compact package, perfect for stowing in your go bag, bug out bags, or survival kits.  The outside is reflective which serves to purposes.  The outside is reflective and will make you highly visible if you are lost or stranded and need help, and it also helps redirect the sunlight.  This tent, or shelter is 8 feet long, and economical.


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