Drago Tactical Double Gun Case

The Drago tactical double gun case is a versatile, and very functional piece of gear. This is a gun bag I own and carry with me almost everywhere. I really like this bag and I highly recommend it. There are a few things that I don’t like, but overall I think this is a great bag. If you are looking for a gun case that you will just transport to and from the range, there are cheaper options. If you are looking for a carry bag that you will use daily… this may be the way to go.

With all of the recent incidents such as rioting, looting, mass shooting and violence in general, I started thinking that it would be nice to have a portable bag that I was able to fit a few more items than just a basic go bag. I wanted something that I could actually have in my car and should the need arise, be able to grab and go…. carrying all the tools I would need for a life threatening situation.

Product Features

  • Provides protection for two 36″ rifles during travel and storage
  • Thick padded divider helps protect gun optics
  • Padded backpack straps for hands-free transport
  • Four zippered storage areas
  • Three large pouches for ammunition and accessories
  • Two padded pistol pouches
  • MOLLE front panels allow attachment of load-bearing equipment
  • Hook & Loop panel for patch
  • Dimensions: 37″x14″x12.5″

The large front pockets are deep, and allow you to hold many different items.  In addition to storing gear in the front, I also store a pistol in one of the pockets.  The pockets have excellent gear retention as each pocket has a  draw string, Velcro and latches.

The ends on each side of the bag have MOLLE webbing for attaching extra items to the bag.  Above the MOLLE is a zippered pocket.  This pocket is deep and the opening is small.  This pocket is pretty useless as once you put an item in it, it is very difficult to get back out.

The front of this bag opens to reveal more storage.  The inside of the front of the bag contains 2 large zippered storage areas.  The other side has 2 Velcro closed pockets that work well as  double pistol storage, or in this case it has an extra holster.  I do store my carry pistol in a front pocket of the bag so if I need it I can get it quickly without having to unzip and open the bag.  This pistol storage is good for having more than one pistol on hand.

One of the main reasons I bought this, is I wanted to be able to carry my AA-15 with me.  This case will open up to hold two rifles.  This particular bag is the 36″ version.  My rifle fits perfect in the bag and gives me enough room to carry another.  The padding is good to protect optics, and the rifle fits secure, and does not move during transport.

The carry handles Velcro together and it makes for a secure, strong, handle.  This bag does come with shoulder straps if you would need to carry it on your back like a back pack.  I liked this feature when I purchased it.  Overall I am very happy with this bag and I do recommend it.  If you intend on carrying something bigger than an AR style rifle, I suggest you go with the longer version.  Even as much as I like this, there are a few things I really don’t like.

When I bought this bag, I really liked the fact it had the shoulder straps.  That quickly wore off and they actually became a huge pain in the ass.  I ended up taking them off and have never used them.  I love the idea, but there was no way to make them fully tight and stay out of the way.  The were always in the way or getting snagged on something.  The next thing I don’t like are the smaller pockets on the end of the bag.  The pockets are too deep and narrow: that they are really unusable.

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