The Drago Gear tactical double gun case is a piece of gear I own.  I want to point out this is technically considered a gun case, but I use it for so much more.  There are many pros to this product, but there are a couple of cons I will point out as well.  If you are looking for a gun case that you will just transport to and from the range, there are cheaper options.  If you utilize it the way I do, I think it is worth the money and highly recommend this bag. 

I carry this bag with me as a type of “go bag”, which means I have all of the necessary items I would need in a crisis situation.   The reason for buying this bag, was that I wanted a way to consolidate my gear into a “bag” that I could grab when needed that would make the items accessible to me when needed.  I am talking about something such as a mass shooting scenario.


  • 600 Denier
  • Padded back straps for carry like a backpack if needed.
  • Length is 36″
  •  3 Large storage compartments in front.  Pouches are closed with a drawstring, velcro AND latches.
  • Carry compartment for 2 rifles, with straps and padding to protect both during transport.
  • MOLLE webbing on both ends in the front of the bag for additional attachments or storage.
  • Internal dual zippered storage compartments.
  • Carry handle
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The large front pockets are deep, and allow you to hold many different items.  In addition to storing gear in the front, I also store a pistol in one of the pockets.  The pockets will retain all gear with a draw string, velcro and the latches. 

The ends of each side on the front have MOLLE webbing, as well as a zipper pocket for more storage.

The front of this bag opens to reveal more storage.  The inside of the front of the bag contains 2 large zippered storage areas.  The other side has 2 velcro closed pockets that work well as pistol storage as seen below.  

The main feature of this bag is the ability to carry 2 rifles.  There is a limitation with this bag as it is only 36″ long.  My piston driven AA-15 fits inside the bag, however my shotgun is about 2 inches too long.  The rifles have pockets on each end to rest the muzzle and the stock into.  The rifles are secured with velcro straps and held tight and secure.  They do not move around once locked in.  There is a padded protective barrier between rifle compartments to protect the rifles.   There is a padded optic protector on only one side of the bag. 

I purchased my bag for 79.99 at Academy Sports.  This bag is also available from Amazon.  I highly recommend this bag, with all of its storage and features, I am very pleased with the purchase. 

As happy as I am with this bag, there are a couple things that bug me.  The front end pockets are deep, but I tried to put a couple of magazines in there and they were difficult to get out quickly.  The other thing is, I love the fact it has the back pack straps, but they can be a pain in the ass day to day as they are always hanging there.  I intend to find a way to strap them tight, but I do like having them for the flexibility.