Common Sense Prepping Your Home

Common Sense Prepping

Planning and preparing is something we all do.  If we are traveling out of town on vacation or for business, we pack items we think we will need while away from home.  Being prepared for what may arise during your travel.  What about at home?  We have basic items around our house in case of an emergency such as a fire extinguisher or a first aid kit.  Is there something else you can do to make life easier when things go bad?  How can you protect your family when there is an event that may present a danger?  Are you going to be proactive, or reactive?  If you are interested in getting started, where do you begin?  Below you will find a very basic way to start preparing yourself, your family, and your home for real life events. 

The term “prepper” has a stigma associated with it.  If you are labeled a prepper, you are generally stereotyped as someone that stockpiles tons of food, water, guns and ammo awaiting the zombie apocalypse, or some kind of major world event that will collapse society.  This is not who I am, nor anyone I know.  We are simply proactive, like minded individuals that are ready when something occurs.  

Something to remember is that you are looking out for the safety of your family, kids, siblings, spouse, and yourself.  This is a selfish lifestyle as you do not extend resources out to anyone that needs them.  Yourself and your family comes first.   

Your Home

Your home is your safe space.  All of the preps, gear, and food will not matter, if your home is not maintained and in good working order.  When beginning, this is the first place to start.  The most basic things you should do is maintain your fire alarms, and you should have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of the house.  I have a simple ranch house, and I have on downstairs near the furnace area, as well as near all of the bedrooms.  I make sure all of the fire alarms have batteries and are in good working order.   Below are a couple of carbon monoxide detectors available from Amazon.

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co 2 chart for home
co2 chart