Where There is No Dentist Were there is no Dentist is one of the most downloaded manuals or ebooks for a reason.  This manual covers basic care for gums and teeth for self reliant people and those who don’t have access to regular dental care.   This is a good toolRead More →

Most basic first aid kits contain items that are for the everyday cuts and scratches.  These are sufficient for cleaning and protecting a scrape or scratch, however not for more serious injury. The second step in rendering first aid is to stop the bleeding.  That is where the blood clottingRead More →

First Aid in Armed Conflicts and other Situations of Violence.   Early administration of suitable life-saving and stabilizing measures saves lives, prevents disability, and alleviates suffering.  This manual covers how give first aid to traumatic injuries, often seen in conflicts, caring for casualties, situation management, life saving techniques, and stabilizationRead More →