prepping you home

Common Sense Prepping Planning and preparing is something we all do.  If we are traveling out of town on vacation or for business, we pack items we think we will need while away from home.  Being prepared for what may arise during your travel.  What about at home?  We haveRead More →

Keeping your electronics charged during a power outage Staying charged during power outages in important for many reasons, mainly for communication and the ability to call for help if the need arises.Power outages can occur at any time, for a variety of reasons.  the most common being storms or weatherRead More →

Boiling Water with Stones for Survival Boiling water with stones may save your life .  In a survival situation, the basic rule to remember is the rule of 3’s.  You can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 hours in  inclement weather either too hot orRead More →

Several years ago, my state passed a carry conceal law.  This law allowed residents of this state to carry a concealed weapon on your person, as long as you had the proper permit.  The training was an 8 hour crash course, and you had some range time.  You also hadRead More →