Blood Clotting Products

Most basic first aid kits contain items that are for the everyday cuts and scratches.  These are sufficient for cleaning and protecting a scrape or scratch, however not for more serious injury. The second step in rendering first aid is to stop the bleeding.  That is where the blood clotting products come into play.  These are really affordable, and very effective in stopping blood loss, especially for more serious injury.  These products come in various delivery systems.  There are powders, sprays, gauze, sponges, and even band aids with the clotting abilities.  In preparing a first aid kit, these should be high on the list for having in case of emergency.

I was working a July 4th event one summer, and I was flagged over to an area by a wife of an injured gentleman.  When I arrived on scene, the man was holding a shirt over his injury which was located on his upper inside of his thigh.  I radioed for medics to respond, and asked to see the injury .  When he removed the bloody shirt, the injury was  sever and he had opened his led wide open with a knife.  He was cutting a cheese block for their lunch and his blade slipped and sliced his leg open.  We applied pressure to the wound using a diaper from his child.  Medics arrived quickly and were able to control and transport him to the hospital.  This is a case that a standard first aid kit just wouldn’t do.   Other items I believe are needed for bleeding control are tampons.