Most basic first aid kits contain items that are for the everyday cuts and scratches.  These are sufficient for cleaning and protecting a scrape or scratch, however not for more serious injury. The second step in rendering first aid is to stop the bleeding.  That is where the blood clottingRead More →

This is a newer version of the Anarchist Cookbook.  This is a collection of mayhem, and madness.  The techniques in here are raw, and gritty, but if used, properly, can be extremely effective given the right circumstances.  There are over 200 pages to this book. To download this manual, pleaseRead More →

The ability to master the art of knots, of various kinds is an urgent necessity to many.  Knot tying is relevant in everyday life, and even more so in a survival situation.  We use knots everyday, but this manual will enable you to master this skill set. To download thisRead More →

There are actually two manuals in this download. The first is basic suture knots. The second is the wound closure guide. This manual has been prepared for the medical professional who would like to learn more about the practice of surgery — the dynamics of tissue healing, the principles ofRead More →

This manual is an amazing resource.  The Ranger Handbook covers all survival skills, shelters, and more.  This also covers combat related items too numerous to list here.  Highly recommended download that will make a great addition to any library and enhance your skill sets. To download this manual, please clickRead More →

First Aid in Armed Conflicts and other Situations of Violence.   Early administration of suitable life-saving and stabilizing measures saves lives, prevents disability, and alleviates suffering.  This manual covers how give first aid to traumatic injuries, often seen in conflicts, caring for casualties, situation management, life saving techniques, and stabilizationRead More →

The contents of this booklet are intended to assist individuals and families in coping with emergency preparations.    This book is WORTHLESS if you put it in your bookshelf with the intention of only reading it after an emergency strikes. It is NOT a Survival manual intended to be usedRead More →