This manual Australian Bushcraft is a serious guide to survival and camping.  This manual covers ropes and cords, knots and lashings, huts and thatchings, camp craft, food and water, fire making, animal habits, travel and weather, time and direction, and is 319 pages. To download this manual, please click theRead More →

This Book explains basic blacksmithing techniques and gives step by step instructions on how to make a range of tools and products.  It is divided into six sections, each of which has been designated to follow on from the one before.  By working through the book in order in whichRead More →

Boiling Water with Stones for Survival Boiling water with stones may save your life .  In a survival situation, the basic rule to remember is the rule of 3’s.  You can survive 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 hours in  inclement weather either too hot orRead More →

Several years ago, my state passed a carry conceal law.  This law allowed residents of this state to carry a concealed weapon on your person, as long as you had the proper permit.  The training was an 8 hour crash course, and you had some range time.  You also hadRead More →

Yes, you are not imagining it, you are looking at a copy of the legendary, the impossible-to-track-down, the $160-for-a-crumbling-copy at a rare-books auction where the guy selling it is a fat nerd and is never going to use the fantastic shit herein… the once lost, but now gloriously found… ThisRead More →

The Dutch Oven is a cast iron pot, with a top, that can be used over a fire.  Typically, the meal is placed into the pot and coals from the fire are placed below and on the lid to control the heat.  These are amazing, and one of my favoriteRead More →

Canning can be a safe and economical way to preserve quality food at home. Disregarding the value of your labor, canning homegrown food may save you half the cost of buying commercially canned food. Canning favorite and special products to be enjoyed by family and friends is a fulfilling experienceRead More →

Map Reading and Land Navigation FM 3-25.26 Map reading and land navigation are some of the first and most important skills you should learn to master.  You would be surprised to actually see how many people can’t actually read a map.  It gets even worse when you ask them toRead More →

CIA Lockpick Manual This manual is labeled as a field operative training manual.  Consists of 50 pages and covers the basics of locks, concepts of lock picking, picking procedure, most common lock picking techniques, and the lock picking process.  This is a resource to expand your knowledge. To download thisRead More →

FM-3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations This manual is described as guidance and doctrine to internment and resettling operations in areas that the US Military operates. This is the policy of how to handle detainees and prisoners. This covers tactical, operational and strategic operations, interrogation, confinement, and resettling camps. If youRead More →