Army FM 3-19.15 Civil Disturbance Operations

This is a good hard look at the military’s basic plan for handling civil disturbances.  This is scary to think that our own military can be used against the people.  This book outlines plans not only to confiscate firearms domestically during mass unrest, but to actually detain and even kill American citizens who refuse to hand over their guns. This manual works in conjunction with “Internment Resettlement FM 3-39.40”  which instructs troops on how to properly detain and intern Americans into re-education camps, including ways that so-called “psy-op officers” will “indoctrinate” incarcerated “political activists” into developing an “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and action. This is something you should read, and consider when you are preparing for such issues.  To view online or download click the link below.


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