Alien Gear IWB Tuck 3.0 Holster

Several years ago, my state passed a carry conceal law.  This law allowed residents of this state to carry a concealed weapon on your person, as long as you had the proper permit.  The training was an 8 hour crash course, and you had some range time.  You also had to submit your course certificate and pay a fee for your CCW permit.  Being a Veteran, and having worked with guns, and weapons systems my entire adult life, I was not going to pay to take a class, and pay the money to have the state know I carry concealed.  The whole point is to carry so no one knows you have the weapon.  I would carry most of the time, but I had a much smaller handgun, with a holster that wasn’t up to speed. 

Recently my state has become a constitutional carry state, which means that I can now carry concealed or open, without a permit.   I knew that I needed to buy a holster that I could deploy everyday, for extended periods of time.  I was looking for an side the waist band holster.  I did a lot of research and finally purchased the Alien Gear IWB (inside the waistband) Tuck 3.0.  I have had this holster for over a year.  I was interested initially because I was looking for comfort as well as something that would last.  One thing that was very important to me was weapon retention, and quality.  So I am going to break down this holster and give you information that may help you in your search for your next holster.  Alien Gear Holster Website.

The holster is made from a faux leather material, and textured.  It has a very nice feel, and has a slight grip that feels smooth when drawing or inserting my weapon.  The face shows little wear from drawing and holstering, even though I do practice regularly.  My weapon has no wear marks on it from either the Kydex, or the face of the holster.  There are two belt clips on each wing of the holster, and there are three holes to position the clips to make this fit to your liking.  The plastic shell, or Kydex, is formed perfectly to fit my Springfield XD subcompact.  There are four screws that hold the Kydex in place.  The Kydex sits on an FBI-cant which is about 15 degrees.  This is adjustable to your liking based on where you place the belt clips.  You can reduce the cant by placing the belt clip by the Alien Gear logo,  to a higher hole than the USA flag, and this will sit the gun at less of a cant. I did actually reduce the angle slightly and I like how it positions my weapon.  The center of the holster is solid and the wings are flexible to bend where they need to bend.

Another factor in buying a holster was comfort.   The Tuck 3.0 has hardware for the  belt clips that is flush, or depending on how tight you tighten the screws, will pull in just a bit.  This is good because when you wear this holster, you do not feel the hardware at all.  The backing is a soft neoprene type material and is cushioned to feel nice.  This is also a good material if worn directly against the skin.  I have worn this both ways, with and without an undershirt.  During the summer, while sweating, I have found the material to dry quickly.   The stitching is quality, and I have had no issues with the layers coming apart. 


The wear on the face of this holster is limited, even though I have used this for over a year.  I do practice drawing and holstering frequently, and I would have expected more wear.  I tightened the screws on the face of the Kydex for a tighter fit and better retention.  Drawing is smooth and easy. 

When I first received the holster, I had never used an inside the waistband style.  I had to get used to it, and I had to buy a new belt that was oversized and sturdy.  I had no trouble adjusting, but placing the weapon back in the holster took some practice and had nothing to do with the brand.  The center of the holster has a full metal plate that keeps the center rigid, and is big enough to cover the entire area where the gun sits.  The wings of the holster are flexible, and hug your body.  I was surprised , but the holster after use, molds to fit and is very comfortable.  I prefer to carry this wearing an undershirt, and then then holster to keep from any rubbing or chaffing. 

The Tuck 3.0, also came with extra screws, as well as extra bushings to customize the fit to your liking.   The last thing to bring up about is about the warranty on the holster.  For the Tuck 3.0, there is an amazing warranty that sealed the deal for me.  First of all, if anything on the holster fails or breaks, Alien Gear will repair or replace for free.  Covered for Life.  The other  thing that made me purchase this, was the fact that the shells are interchangeable, and if you actually use a different weapon, you can send the old shell back, and they will send you a new shell to fit the weapon you choose to carry.   This is a free service they offer, a shell swap.  This makes the holster something that won’t be thrown to the back of the gun safe, or sold because you no longer have the gun.   

In closing, this holster is made with quality, and made in the USA.  The company Alien Gear Holsters  shipped the item soon after ordering and I received it within a few days.  The quality is outstanding and what I was hoping for.  The comfort level, even for extended wearing periods is very good, and I have often fell asleep in my chair with this on.  I like the fact that they shipped extra hardware and bushings as standard.  I love the adjustability, allowing me to modify it to my fit.  The only issue I have had with this rig, is the belt clip screws need to be tightened on occasion.  I highly recommend you looking at the Alien Gear Holster selection.