Active Shooter Survival

Active Shooter Survival

Active shooter scenes have played out across the United States and abroad in recent years.  The reality is that it does happen, but not as often as the media portrays.  The threat is real however and can happen anywhere.   Most people are not trained to react to these types of incidents.  Universities, schools, hospitals, houses of worship, and more, are putting in place active shooter protocols.  The police and military have adopted active shooter training.  What about you?  Do you know how to react, or what to do in the case of an active shooter?   Do you know how to instruct your kids to react, or give them the tools to survive an active shooter event?

I have found some resources to help you and your family understand, and prepare for, if you ever find yourself in an active shooter encounter.  My hope is that this information will arm you, and you will share with your friends, co-workers, employers, etc.


Ballistic Backpacks


Trauma Bags



 First Aid Kits