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The mission of DoomzDay Preppers, is to educate, teach, and share. We want to break the stereotype of the Prepper. We are hard-working, everyday people. In some way or another, everyone is a Prepper. We have set up the site to be easy, and educational. We post tips, how to manuals, ideas, and cool gear. We want to show you how to do things as simple as a family emergency plan, to hardcore, long-term prepping. We do not get paid for doing this, we do this because we enjoy it, and if we can fill the needs of someone with information, or equipment someone is looking for, then we have done our job. We are always looking for new ideas, or gear.

We also have a forum set up, but due to heavy spamming attempts, it requires you to get permission to post. If you would like to become a member please contact us and let us know.

We have set up this site, and provide everything for free. We would love you to help us promote it by liking us on Facebook, by clicking the “like” button on the right side of the page, or if you download something, please pin it, or like it using the social buttons below the post. You can also subscribe to our updates via email on the right side.

Thanks for your support, come back often as we post new things everyday!

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