1000′ Foot OD Olive Drab Green Paracord Type III Military Specification 550


  • Color: Olive Drab
  • 7 Strand Cordura Nylon | 550 Type III Parachute Cord (Paracord)
  • Strength: 550 lbs

550 cord


The product featured here is the 1000 foot spool of black parachute cord, direct from the manufacturer. This is the exact type of cord that is sold to the US Military for non-critical missions, where reliability is a must. The paracord advertised here is not a cheap imitation, it is the real thing! Because individual strands of 550 paracord can be easily removed and combined into your own configurations, this small rope can be put to a wide variety of survival uses. As a general purpose utility cord 550 can be used for: Ridge lines for Tarps Securing Equipment Shoelaces Hanging Food from Bears Vehicle Tie Downs Sewing Fabric Repairing Equipment Making a Fire Bow Fishing Line Paracord String for a Bow Making a Shelter Fish Gill Nets Fishing Line Animal Snares Clothes Lines Paracord Lanyards Anchor Line Binding Twine Animal Restraints Tooth Floss Splints Tourniquet Paracord Braiding Other Paracord Crafts From setting up a tarp to paracord braiding, no survival kit is complete without a long hank of paracord. This strong cordage is the survival experts friend.


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